About us

Salti is a dream of two young guys from Novi Sad. They were dreaming Salti for years. Lot of love, enthusiasm, fantasy and planning is twinned in this dream. They wanted to present a vegan cuisine and to form a community, who eats healty and vegan in the same time. But the most important thing is to save animals and care for them. Their mission is to encourage their fellow citizens to eat at least once a month in Salti and save one animal. It’s not so hard, is it?
Be a part of that mission. Join now … and order!

Made by us

Our bread, sauces, falafels are made in Salti restaurant with a lot of attention and love. Behind each product are a lot of combinations, days of testing and tasting, so we can offer the best food!

Always Fresh

Good morning! The freash ingredients just arrived and we can start with the preparations. Bake the dough, make the best sauces and combine the flavors for the cake …
Always fresh and delicious

Working week:



Salti is located in the street Braće Ribnikar 48. We are waiting for you to get to know each other, to taste our specialities in the restaurant. It is very important for us, to listen to your reviews and opinions, so we can improve our offer



Call us: 061/30-100-42 and your order arrives at your front door.
We are using an external delivery service. For orders over 1500 RSD in the I zone, the delivery is free.

Catering & Events


We are doing catering for your celebration, wedding, birthday. If you decide to put healthy vegan foods on the table, then the only thing you need it to call us and we will organize everything! We guarantee your satisfaction!